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Site Levelling

Site Levelling

Durable house and shed pads

  • Experienced grading operators for quality workmanship
  • Tight access equipment for difficult access
  • Erosion-resistant pads for peace of mind

House and shed pads

We design and construct house and shed pads of all sizes.

Your house pad or shed pad will be expertly levelled to give your structure a strong, durable, reliable foundation.

Main problems with site levelling

While site levelling may seem like a simple job, there are a few common mistakes made by inexperienced - or lazy - earthmovers:

  • Lack of knowledge about local soils
  • Fill dirt not compacted well Not enough backfill
  • Inadequate compacting that cause uneven settling (and structural damage Poor drainage
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Bad pad and site preparation can cost you thousands of dollars. What’s more, it can lead to erosion, flooding, and damage to your property.

How we ensure a strong foundation

Correct sizing

Pads are built with enough space for the structure and for builders to work.

Proper compacting

A house or shed pad that hasn’t been properly compacted will cause the structures to settle. Uneven settling can lead to structural damage in the building. Bad compacting can also cause problems with underground pipes and other equipment.

All of this is expensive and hard to fix.

Our skilled operators will use powerful compacting equipment to build a quality foundation for your structure.

Clear construction area

We make sure your construction area is free from all obstructions before we begin building the pad. This ensures you have the strongest foundation possible for building.

Tree stumps, clearing piles, major roots, existing buildings, pipes, and other obstructions should never be buried under pads.

Good drainage and erosion control

We design and build house and shed pads to handle erosion from the weather - and in the case of a farm, we ensure the pads are can handle heavy equipment travel.

Our graders will assess the slope of your site and manipulate the grade to make sure water flows away from your property - rather than towards it. Drainage is important to avoid erosion.

Specialised in the digging of footings

Our operators have an eye for technical details. It’s how we consistently drill accurate post stump / pier holes - essential for a strong foundation for every home or shed.

Generous backfill

We’ll ensure every house or shed pad gets plenty of backfill to accommodate the size of the buildings.

Excavation equipment

Our earthmoving equipment includes a 3 tonne and 5 tonne excavator, and bobcats with a range of attachments.

Tight access mini-diggers

We have access to tight access excavation equipment. Importantly, our operators are specialised in using this equipment.

Experienced earthmoving operators

All operators each have more than 15 years experience operating small and large earthmoving equipment. What’s more, they’re reliable and dedicated to getting your job done as quickly - and as well - as possible.

Disposal included

We’ll take care of the disposal of all materials. Saving you precious time - and the hassle of finding the right reuse facility, hauling materials, transporting it, then unloading it.

Fully insured

We have fully public liability insurance for your peace of mind. What’s more, we take safety seriously: all jobs comply with safe work practices. We don’t take risks with people or property.

Clean site policy

We’ll leave your site clean after every job - making it safer, easier, and faster for you to move onto the next stage of construction.

Earthmoving services: Site levelling

  • Drainage designed carefully for long lasting pads
  • Careful compacting to protect building structure
  • Experienced grading operators

Contact us to discuss your job requirements.